PCT Southbound

Go your own way


Backpacking Experience
Been on a couple of extended overnights (2-3 trips)

Hiked 5 miles a day w/pack for 3 weeks. Stuck to flat ground. Would definitely do more

Stephen’s Pass going south July 10th  - alone

Hike Result
Got off trail at Barlow Pass (south of Timberline Lodge in Oregon)


Nightmoves had just got out of a long term relationship and moved back to his hometown in Alaska. He was working there and had been toying with the idea of doing something crazy when he settled on the PCT. He was looking into the logistics of planning a thru-hike and he realized if he didn’t jump on it he’d be stuck in the snow and would have to wait until next year. He prepped for about a month or so, and then headed to the trail, starting at Stevens Pass. He ended up packing way too much food and really struggling through the first couple hundred miles. After a relative offered him a place to live in Portland, he got off trail and stopped his thru-hike attempt so as to not miss the opportunity.


“I think it was a safe landing pad that was offered. Because otherwise I was just going to hit the end of the trail and be low on money and have no idea what I was going to do next.”

“Lighten up for sure. I carried a lot of stuff I didn’t need. I had too many extra clothing items, an extra pair of shoes.”

“I wish I would’ve finished. I mean, I left knowing that I could’ve done it. I guess I should’ve done it”


“Don’t over plan things. It occurred to me at one point that I could spend a year preparing for this. But plan more than I did. Plan moderately well, don’t over or under plan.

Be in shape and be ready so you can hit the ground running, because it was tough immediately. At Stevens Pass you walk up a ski hill, then down the backside. That was rough. That’s how I got used to the trail. I suffered early on.

Stick it out, you probably won’t regret it.”