PCT Southbound

Go your own way

Wrong Turn

Backpacking Experience
Backpacked in a few countries all over the world i.e. Nepal, New Zealand and Australia. 

2015 Alp-crossing (from Munich to Venice). Did the trip to make sure that he was able to hike a couple of weeks in a row without having any physical issues like knee problems. Kept fit by jogging regularly.

Started north to the border at Harts Pass July 8th

Date Reached So. Kennedy Meadows
October 10th.

Hike Result
Best time of his life. Reached US/Mexican border


Right before Wrong Turn came to the US to hike the PCT he finished his Master´s in Education Science in Germany. As he backpacked and traveled a lot over the past years, hiking the PCT seemed to be the perfect thing to do after college. His reasons for hiking the PCT were quite simple. Not seeking a deeper meaning of life or out of religious motivation, it was just the fact that he loves being outdoors and being out in the wilderness, where life comes down to the essential points. Also he fell in love with the PCT from the moment he heard about the trail. After going back to Germany he plans on doing a PhD in Education Science. 


"Starting your hike alone in northern Washington can be very hard even if you are an experienced hiker. As less people start from the northern terminus expect to be on your own for a while in a very remote area. This can be mentally challenging especially when it’s cold and you get rained on days in row.  I remember the first days being horrible. The weather was really bad and I didn’t see many people until I reached Stehekin. Being wet all day long, alone and thousands of miles away from home I just felt shitty. Anyway, this was just a couple of days as the weather turned and I started seeing more people I could talk to. I guess this was the acid test. So, if you are out there and don’t feel good, give yourself some time and don’t hesitate to cry. That helps and no one will see you except for some bears maybe. "


"Planning to hike the PCT is slightly more complicated and more expensive for Europeans than for Americans as there are a lot of things to organize like applying for a visa (you have to show up at the US embassy) or getting the right health insurance. Also it’s complicated to have friends and family shipping you equipment from Europe you just need for special sections as the shipping costs are way higher. Anyway, as far as I experienced these are all minor problems. Most likely you will meet nice people along the way offering to store equipment and send it back to you if needed. Getting a visa and health insurance is fun as it is part of organizing your big trip. The only disadvantage is that planning the PCT from Europe is more expensive." 


"Having a significant other far away in Europe or other parts of the world is definitely challenging. If you decide on hiking the PCT without your partner both you and him/her should be aware that you won’t see your significant other in person for a couple of months and that you sometimes won’t have contact for days. The person back home doesn’t know how your are doing and the other way around. Anyway, if you decide on hiking the PCT think about doing it together. If that’s not an option talk a lot about it and make sure that being separated for such a long time is ok for both of you. "


"Try to make as much out of it as possible. You will see the most amazing landscapes and animals, you will meet wonderful people and make lifelong friendships. Focus on that every day especially when your blisters hurt again badly. It helps a lot.

Write a journal to remember all the details of your journey. After you leave the trail it will help you keep the memories vivid. And it’s highly entertaining to read it to friends at home and explain that you were lying super afraid of bears in your tent the first nights.

Be sure that you really want to do it and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you are ok with sleeping in a tent for months, pooing in self-dug holes, being on your own, a having little access to hygiene and bad weather conditions over days. If you are, you will have the best time of your life."