PCT Southbound

Go your own way


Backpacking Experience 
Appalachian Trail '14

2-3 days of running per week

Hart’s Pass road headed north to border with 1 friend - June 29th

So. Kennedy Meadows Oct. 11th

Hike Result
Made it to the US/Mexico border


Eastwood completed his dream of hiking the AT in 2014, and two years later found himself attempting the PCT. He was terrified a few days in going over Rock Pass in the Pasayten Wilderness, as he made his way to the US/Can Border. He wrote a detailed account of Washington State southbound that’s a great resource for prospective sobos.

“Don’t take Northern Washington lightly. It was a bit more that I bargained for. It’s not a hike at that point it’s a little bit of mountaineering.”

“Comparing the AT and PCT sobo is difficult because they are so different. The AT is so much rainier. On the AT the emotional and mental aspect that was difficult was the rainy weather. And on the PCT sobo the difficulty was the way you had to push yourself to go 450 miles further in less time. I never felt that on the PCT I could relax until I got to Kennedy Meadows South.”


"Best advice I got before my first thru-hike was, "Be stubborn."  Meaning, don't give up.  Ever.  You can do it if you believe and stay at it."

"Every 10 pounds off your back is a world of difference in comfort.  Go as light as possible, but don't suffer to do so.  Just do your homework and get the best, lightest gear you can afford.  If you can't get the best lightest gear, don't worry, people have been thru hiking with heavy gear for decades.  

"Don't be afraid to spend time alone.  Hiking and camping with the group has great benefits but spending time alone builds character. " 

"Most importantly.  HAVE FUN."